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My Skills and Expertise

I identify and close the security gaps that attackers exploit to gain access to your most valuable assets.
Information Security
Most businesses are run using computers and most businesses don't understand information security. As a result, the majority of businesses that get crippled as a result of cyberattacks are SME businesses. From ransomware attacks to business email compromise and more. Protecting against these attacks can be complex and requires a forward-thinking, threat-led approach.
Physical Security
You can have the best cybersecurity tools, but they're meaningless if someone can slip a lock on your server room door and access your systems directly. Physical security is frequently overlooked by companies and exploited by criminals, annual testing of it is crucial.
Executive Security
Executives have extremely sensitive information in their mailboxes and can typically approve money transfers. Knowing how executives are exposed on the Internet and Dark Web is crucial in defending against attacks. Recent advanced in Artificial Intelligence have increased the threat in this space. Every few years, and when new executives are hired, intelligence about their online exposure should be collated to understand potential threat vectors.
Counter and Operational Intelligence
Gathering intelligence—and preventing others from doing so—has never been more important than it is today. The threats posed by Nation States and companies based in more 'relaxed' markets has increased the threat against organisations around the world. From small businesses creating intellectual property to huge enterprises moving millions of pounds per day.
Threat Intelligence and Awareness
You can't defend against threats you don't understand. Understanding how attackers target businesses and individuals is of critical importance and should be understood by everyone in this hyper-connected age.

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