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My free 6-day email crash course will teach you about the systems and principles behind how I create content for YouTube, LinkedIn, Newsletters, Websites and Content Systems.

If you'd like to create content to improve your online profile, make extra income or just for fun, this free email course will give you some much-needed direction, instruction and inspiration.

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These are information-rich presentations designed to give you a depth of understanding in a short period of time. You'll see behind-the-scenes of how I operate my online channels.

They combine my knowledge of growing my channels with the most common questions I get asked about growing online. This is packaged into a clean and simple presentation so you can learn what you need to know, on demand.

In these workshops, the goal is to get you from having no direction to knowing exactly what you need to do next. Growing my online presence is one of the best things I've done for my career. It will benefit your career too and open more opportunities than ever before.

Supercharge your online presence.

The content of these workshops contains enough information to change the trajectory of your entire life. Committing to these systems has changed mine for the better.

The 101 series is the foundational series and will grow as I add new tools to my stack. You can get lifetime access using the link below. This is the most affordable way to consume all of the 101 series.
Lifetime Access to 101

LinkedIn 101

In the first 6 months of writing daily on LinkedIn, I generated over 2,000,000 content impressions and added 10,000 followers. Which I'm told is far beyond the norm for new creators. This attention has brought me more job offers than in previous years, requests to speak on podcasts, and also enabled me to reach a wider audience with my revenue-generating content.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

- The tools I use to help me grow
- How to build an engaged audience
- Why you should eventually start a newsletter
- And many more golden nuggets of intelligence

If you're interested in growing your LinkedIn to advance your career or generate revenue, this workshop will get you off to a strong start in the right direction!

YouTube 101

Creating weekly content on YouTube is a core pillar of what I do and my channel is seeing strong organic growth.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

- YouTube platform overview
- Basic video & audio editing
- Cameras, microphones, software
- Thumbnail & title creation and more

If you're thinking of starting a YouTube channel, you'll be much more confident moving forward by taking this workshop.

Newsletter 101

A newsletter is at the core of every creator’s arsenal. You never know then the LinkedIn or YouTube algorithms will change, your email list is something YOU own. Respect it and understand its power.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

- The tools I use
- Monetisation strategies
- Building an engaged audience

Get your newsletter off to a strong start by watching this workshop.