April 9, 2023

TSD #036: Attack of the Cookie Monster 🍪

3 mins

Hello friend 👋

I hope you're doing well! The sun is out and I'm spending time with family; flying kites and being chased around the garden by my daughter wielding a Spiderman water squirter! 🔫

I'm about to hit a HUGE personal milestone on my YouTube channel. I put my first video up in December 2021 and have made almost 40 videos in total. It's looking like this week I'll be eligible for monetisation (meaning I'll make pennies every time 1,000 people watch a video 😭).

I love making videos and helping people learn, and monetisation will enable me to increase the quality of my content over time. Thank you all for your support. If you're not already subscribed, you can do it by clicking here.

This week's cyber news:

Bye-bye, Genesis Market.

When hackers put malware on your computer, sometimes they steal your cookies and tokens and then sell those online for other criminals to buy/rent. For years they've done this on Genesis Market. Not any more! A huge law enforcement operation has taken it down. Read more.

Western Digital meltdown.

I have a NAS drive for serving media around my home. But mine is Synology and it doesn't have cloud features turned on. Western Digital is a competitor of Synology and this week they've had a meltdown. A 'cyber incident' has resulted in all services being down for customers. There have been stories of people not being able to access files on hard drives within their own homes! Read more.

Fun Things

📽️ My Latest Video

I was enjoying watching Paddington 2 when a scene in it inspired me to make this video. Whether you're doing OSINT, cyber, or just general investigative work, you need to know how to use this free tool.

👾 Cool Tools


Nmap is pretty much the only tool I use for service discovery and enumeration. I came across this little gem though. It's called Naabu and it's written in Go. It's fast! Check it out on GitHub.


I was doing some imagery analysis recently and a tool I use often is Jonas Wagner's Forensically. It does error-level analysis and clone detection on images and works well for detecting manipulation in images. Check it on Jonas' website.


See you next week,


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