February 12, 2023

TSD #028: A huge announcement...

Hello friend 👋

It's been a huge week for cybersecurity. Or cyber-insecurity I should say! But before we jump into it, I'd like to take a moment to announce something HUGE.

I've been enjoying writing these weekly digests, but a lot gets left out for the sake of pace and brevity. So I'd like to introduce you to my new publication: Tearline.

You're probably wondering: it's pronounced like how you tear a piece of paper.

As most of you know, my background is in Military Intelligence. In the world of intelligence, a 'tearline' is a component of a larger intelligence document that removes all the sensitive information such as sources of data and collection methods. You can share it with a wider audience without worrying about repercussions.

I've been writing articles like this professionally for years now, I've just never done it publicly; always hidden behind NDAs and Secrecy Acts.

You can find the site at tearline.io, but we all know that there are better ways to get alerts and participate in the conversation. You can join the Telegram channel and you can follow Tearline on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn Page

You'll need to hit the 🔔 and choose "All new posts" if you don't want to miss anything. The huge upside to LinkedIn is that you can comment and get your thoughts in the mix, raise your profile to other industry leaders, and get in front of hiring managers and peers alike. Follow on LinkedIn here.

The Telegram Channel

The Telegram channel is a broadcast channel. I might add a group where you can chat about cyber at some point in the future, but spam can be tricky to manage on Telegram. So we'll leave it as broadcast only for now. Join the Telegram channel here.

My amazing wife Christina is helping to do some of the leg work, she's a proven analyst in her own right, understands the cyber landscape, and beats Grammarly any day of the week.

Your Input 🫵

If you have feature requests for Tearline, just fire me an email to gary@garyruddell.com and I'll do my best to prioritise them!

So that's Tearline. I hope you enjoy it.

You can get in touch with me by simply hitting reply. I respond to every email that hits my inbox.

Until next week,

Gary ✌️

Fun Things This Week

📹 My Latest Video: OSINT Skills - Email Addresses

If you're sending a phishing email (legally, of course!), or just doing some email marketing (legally, of course!), you'll need to be able to identify valid accounts. Here's a handy tool that can help:

👾 Cool Tools

Suborner is a program that creates a Windows account you will only know about, without having to use 'net user' or Windows OS user management applications (e.g. netapi32::netuseradd). It works on Windows XP to 11 & Windows Server 2003 to 2022. Stealthy!

Whenever you’re ready, there are a few ways I can help you:

1. If you'd like to learn how to create content to raise your online profile, I have a free email crash course and a whole series of video workshops.

2. If you want to land a career in cyber security but don't know where to start, your best bet is through my SWITCHFIRE guide.

3. If you'd like to promote yourself or your business and help keep this newsletter free to its readers, you can sponsor it by dropping me an email.

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