September 18, 2022

TSD #007: Royal Phishing to Come?

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I spent some time this week in London speaking with like-minded individuals about all things cyber-security. It was lovely to meet up with colleagues in real life again. Like many of you, I have been a home worker since the start of the pandemic and have to say, I’ve missed that office lifestyle a bit. So it was nice to be in it for the day for the first time in a few years.

The big news this week is the Uber hack, I’ll cover that once we know a little bit more from their blue team. But the initial access method is eerily similar to the recent Cisco breach where employees were socially engineered to accept the Duo authentication notifications.

I’m also wondering if we’ll see a whole new wave of phishing attacks in the wake of the Queen’s passing. I can see it now: “Greetings from your new King. Click here to sign the book of condolences digitally” or “Click here to get a one-of-a-kind Royal Mail postage stamp with the King’s head on it”. Cybercriminals are typically quick to capitalise on headline-making news. Remember, they don’t need to hack everyone, it’s a bit like sales conversion rates. If 10% of people click on malicious emails, that’s what they care about. They send 1,000,000 emails, 10% will convert, that’s 100,000 potential victims. Just imagine if they get £1 out of each victim! Not bad for a day’s work.

Another interesting thing I’ve been looking at this week is that Microsoft Teams stores authentication tokens in…you guessed…PLAINTEXT. Meaning that an attacker just needs to get onto a victim’s computer and they can take over that account. It’s 2022, Microsoft is one of the richest companies in the world, they sell extremely expensive corporate security tools with their P3 licenses, and this is what we have to live with. People make mistakes, and companies make mistakes. The important thing to remember is that mistakes will continue to be made up and down the supply chain. And both employees and security professionals need to act accordingly. Read more on Bleeping Computer.

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Smart Hackers DON'T Use Terminal: The default Terminal is incredibly basic...too basic. Let's upgrade our hacking experience with my favourite multiplexer!


I think we're in agreement that having multi-factor authentication is a good thing. We're better with it than without. In the latest episode of Cybereason's Malicious Life podcast, Roger Grimes states his claims that the sense of security current MFA solutions provides us - is false. It's a great listen, especially in light of current attacks we are seeing across the Internet.

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